Wedding Finance For Poor Credit

At Secured Future we can help with wedding financing options to suit your budget, and you can afford to have everything you feel you need.


Dress, Suit & Clothing

An important part of any wedding finance budget: Dress, suit & additional clothing expenditure like bridesmaid outfits and pageboy clothing.


Wedding Venue

Whether you choose to host your perfect day at a town hall, luxurious castle or even abroad. you don't need to be restricted by budget.


Honeymoon Financing

Route 66, Asia or Caribbean - You can use your wedding loan to finance your honeymoon, or any other part of your wedding. The choices are endless. You don't need to let poor credit ruin your dream day.

Expert Loan Advice. We're here to help you!

Our highly trained experts have knowledge of secured lending for people with adverse credit ratings.

1. Do You Qualify?

Talk to one of our qualified and experienced team members about your current financial situation.

2. Your Options

Find out options available to you, and get the right advice, tailored to your individual needs.

3. Repayment Terms

You choose the secured loan that works best for you.

4. Receive Loan Offers

Enjoy peace of mind with a tailored offer and repayment that gives you less hassle and more choice.


Secured Future - Wedding Loans For Poor Credit FAQ

The questions we get asked most about wedding loans from individuals with a bad credit rating.

What if I have CCJs, defaults or mortgage arrears?

We have access to lenders who specialise in helping customers in your situation, so even if you’ve previously defaulted on a loan, have CCJs or mortgage arrears we could help you get the money you need.

What can I use the money for?

A secured loan can be used for whatever you like. You can clear your credit cards, store cards and other high interest borrowings, to enjoy one, more affordable, monthly payment. You could use it for home improvements,a wedding, help with your children’s first tuition fees. It’s up to you.

How do I apply for a secured wedding loan?

Applying for a wedding loan couldn’t be easier. Simply call our expert advisers on 0141 380 0588 (Calls may be recorded) or complete our quick online form. You’re under no obligation. And don’t forget – if you have any other questions we’re here to help.

How quickly will I receive my money?

Our experts will guide you through the application to ensure your money arrives as quickly as possible.

They’ll keep you up-to-date on the progress of your secured wedding loan at all times.

Can I also consolidate my debts?

Yes – once you receive your loan you can spend the money as you please and not just on your wedding.

Example debts you can clear:

Bank Loans, Credit Cards, Store Cards, Payday Loans, Council Tax Arrears, Catalogues, Overdrafts, Credit Unions, Car finance and HMRC Bills.

Do you offer debt advice?

Yes. Secured Future are leading UK debt advisers.

If you are struggling with debt, we will be able to assess your affordability and provide the pros and cons of any solution that you may qualify for.

Give us a call on 0161 854 1426 for a free, confidential chat about your debt situation.